lesson learned #1

You learn new things about human everyday, every minute especially when we were surrounded with people. You learn that there's so many types of people in this world. Some people are just introvert and do weird stuff and more. Some are just being happy the way they are.

However, we still make friends. Isn't that amazing? How the way you think and the way I think is different but we cooped things up together. I think that's amusing. Back to the track. So yeah, 2015 have taught me a lot of things. In January, I learned deeply about friendship. Okay let me tell you a story about my precious friendship. My friend and I have been friends since our first year. We're in the same class and the same dorm. We're even deskies in class. Can you imagine how close we are? Yeah. It's exactly like what you think. But we're not THAT close at first. I used to be a very bubbly and bright kid. Even so, homesick is a disease you can't resist. 

In June 2013, I did worse in my examination and I had a little mental breakdown. So I decided to be a wallflower after the midterm holidays. I became quieter. I also studied hard for the upcoming examination. And that's when we get closer. We went around the school together and do a lot of things together. In our second year, we became even closer! We got into the same dorm and the same class again! This time, we're not deskies but we're beddies. We're a great pair. I comfort her when she was sad and she also did the same. Everyone in our batch called us 'friendship goals'. Nah really? Yes.

In July 2014, my deskies and I became more closer and yeah I keep a distance between me and my bestfriend. I didn't mean to. It just that I spend a lot more time with my deskies instead of my bestfriend and of course she felt left out. Yeap, this is not a story of me getting dumped but it is a story of me dumping my very own bestfriend. Pathetic huh. Well I realized my mistake and I admit how stupid am I AND I REGRETTED. It takes me months to get rid of this guilty feeling I cried out of the guilty feeling. And now, we don't really talk to each other. Most importantly I learned something from this. Since the incident, I learned to appreciate people more. 

And as the result, I've spent the whole year (my third year) without a bestfriend. Lingering with my other friends. Keeping my stories and opinions deep down in my heart without anyone knowing. I put on a happy face and pretends nothing happened. As if I'm not hurt even though the scar was quite deep. It really gives a tremendous effect on me.Whatever it is, I want to thank my bestfriend for this. I do believe, everything happens for a reason. 

Quite pathetic. My life, I mean.